Afterpay is NOW available at checkout, for orders of $35 or more!

How does AfterPay work? Is it like Layaway?

- AfterPay is not like layaway. It's actually better! Load your cart, with items you need or want. Then, during check out, select the AfterPay option. Your order of $35 or more will be broken down into 4 equal payments. The first payment is due upon check out and all other payments will be due in 2 week increments.

So, as an example, an order of $100 will be broken down into 4 equal payments of $25. $25 will be due upon check out. $25 will be due every two weeks until the $100 is paid off. 

Then, we get an email letting us know you placed an order, and paid with AfterPay. We ship your order out either same day or next day. There is no need to wait unit your order is paid off, in order to ship. 

See, better than layway! 

Is this interest free?
- Yes! There is no interest fee for using this service.

HOWEVER (you know there is always small details) 
The only fees are for late payments. AfterPay will email you your payment schedule and send notifications of upcoming payments, so there are no surprises, and you are even able to change the credit card/debit card being charged. You can even pay early too! 

Check out the "how it works" section at AfterPay here for more info: